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Sailing weather

Wind direction & speed for Mediterranean, Black sea, Adriatic, North Sea, Atlantic and the Bay of Biscay

We provide weather forecast for Mediterranean Sea, Black sea, Adriatic, North Sea, Atlantic and the Bay of Biscay areas over six hours periods.

Select the desired rectangle from the map and navigate through the arrows in a serial way or from the time drop-down menu. The forecasting periods are in UTC. Refer to the color guide at the right side to evaluate the wind force. Colors represent wind force in Beaufort scale. Clicking on any given point (arrow) on the map you get a more detailed weather forecast for that point. The wind speed in the pop up mini-window is in Km/h scale. To convert wind speed in other scales: miles per second (m/s), knots and miles per hour (miles/h) click here.

Weather forecasting is inherently limited for a number of scientifically based reasons. On top of that, one common problem in weather forecasting derives from the uncertainty related to the chaotic behaviour of the atmosphere. Therefore, as the weather predictions pertain a degree of uncertainty and thus they may fail, the users are strongly encouraged:

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