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The weather forecast below advert to: Monday 31/08 00:00 UTC
Five warmest cities
 (AL) Himare 28°C
 (ES) Leon 28°C
 (ES) San Sebastian 28°C
 (AL) Elbasan 28°C
 (GR) Patra 28°C
Five coolest cities
 (IE) Tra Li 4°C
 (RU) Kirov 5°C
 (RU) Nizhniy Novgorod 9°C
 (RU) Kazan 9°C
 (FI) Hameenlinna 9°C
The time now is: UTC
Weather widgets Sailing Forecasts
Meteoplex provides free weather widgets to display forecasts, on your website. Weather widgets come in two formats and several color schemes. Select your own and get the code here. Since few months ago we lounch our new sailing forecast application. The application provides forecasts for the Mediterranean, Black sea, Adriatic sea, Bay of Biscay, North Sea and East Atlantic coasts.
METEOPLEX provides weather forecasts for Europe, Mediterranean and North Africa among other weather related information such as near real time observations and historical data for the same area.

We recently add forecast support for the major snow-ski centers across Europe.

To locate your desired location (city, ski center etc.) just type the first three letters of the area name in the form field above.

For a detailed list of the covered areas click here. on mobile
Latest Temperatures
 (Netherlands) Amsterdam 21.0°C
 (Turkey) Ankara 20.0°C
 (Greece) Athens 28.0°C
 (Lebanon) Beirut 28.0°C
 (Serbia) Belgrade 27.0°C
 (Germany) Berlin 23.0°C
 (Belgium) Brussels 26.0°C
 (Romania) Bucharest 24.0°C
 (Egypt) Cairo 29.0°C
 (Moldova) Chisinau 24.0°C
 (Denmark) Copenhagen 18.0°C
 (Syria) Damascus 25.0°C
 (Ireland) Dublin 14.0°C
 (Finland) Helsinki 10.0°C
 (Ukraine) Kiev 16.0°C
 (Portugal) Lisbon 23.0°C
 (United Kingdom) London Center 17.0°C
 (Luxembourg) Luxembourg 27.0°C
 (Spain) Madrid 22.0°C
 (Belarus) Minsk 14.0°C
 (Russia) Moscow 12.0°C
 (Norway) Oslo 13.0°C
 (France) Paris Center 29.0°C
 (Czech Republic) Prague 26.0°C
 (Kosovo) Pristina 22.0°C
 (Morocco) Rabat 23.0°C
 (Latvia) Riga 13.0°C
 (Italy) Rome 24.0°C
 (Bulgaria) Sofia 25.0°C
 (Sweden) Stockholm 13.0°C
 (Estonia) Tallinn 13.0°C
 (Israel) Tel Aviv 28.0°C
 (Albania) Tirana 24.0°C
 (Libya) Tripoli 24.0°C
 (Tunisia) Tunis 29.0°C
 (Austria) Vienna 27.0°C
 (Lithuania) Vilnius 15.0°C
 (Poland) Warsaw 23.0°C
 (Croatia) Zagreb 24.0°C
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