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Meteoplex is a new web entity that aims to provide accurate weather forecasts and weather related information to the general public in a comprehensive way..

The forecast chain is based on a combination of regional scale models that use initial and boundary conditions from the GFS global numerical weather prediction model operated from the National Center for Environmental Prediction (NCEP – USA). The regional scale models are applied over an area covering Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and the Mediterranean in order to produce high resolution weather forecasts for these areas.

While it is much more difficult to predict weather phenomena at local scale and with a time step of 6 hour (not the common daily Hi/Low type of forecast) we believe that this type of weather forecasts is much more useful for the general public. Usability and accuracy is our two-fold philosophy. As weather forecasts include a degree of uncertainty, we strongly encourage visitors to look also for other weather data sources across the web in order to get a more wide view in terms of weather forecasting for their place of interest.

The services that are provided through this web site are free of any charge. Although our business model is mainly dependent on advertisements, we do not accept ads that may annoy the visitor or that may harm the human nature, respect and dignity. Therefore we strictly do not accept any ads related to sexism, gambling, or illegal activities. Additionally we can't accept ads that depend their effectiveness on vivid flashing colours, pop up windows, or sounds that try to tickle the visitor's interest.